Faithful Doubt

2022-03-13 10:30:00

In-person & Online – “Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith,” according to Christian theologian Paul Tillich.  Can we Unitarian Universalists “cherish [our] doubts” (as UU minister Robert T. Weston put it) without making an idol of them?  In what do we place our faith?


Virtual Social Time, 11:30-noon by Zoom. Bring your coffee and join us following the service for Social Time hosted by Rev. Connie Grant. You’ll be assigned to an automatically-generated “breakout room” for a half-hour of conversation with a small group of people. A discussion question related to the service will be provided. Look for Zoom details in the Order of Service email and on the Member Portal page.

Zoom with the Board: Noon, following Social Time. Find the Zoom link in the Order of Service email or in Here’s What’s Happening on this site.

Religious Education:
Return to In-Person Youth Religious Education
On Sunday, March 13th the youth religious education program will resume to meeting in-person. The meeting spaces will be set up for multi-platform teaching, meaning that youth can be in-person or on Zoom.
On arrival Sunday morning, each family should enter the sanctuary together. To maintain efficient use of space we are asking the children and youth to sit on the floor in front of the pulpit area. This way, when the children leave for class, there won’t be large gaps of empty chairs throughout the sanctuary that could have been used to increase the occupancy.
The Time to Gather segment of the service takes place very early in the service, so the children and youth won’t be on the floor very long. If a child does not want to sit on the floor, we won’t require it. If a parent would like to sit with their child on the floor, that would be perfectly fine. After the Time to Gather the children and youth will be led out to their meeting area. PreK – 6th grade will gather in Kreves Hall and will possibly do outdoor activities if weather permits. 7th & 8th grade Coming of Age will meet in the Learning Center and High School Youth Group in the Founders Room.