The Board met in August to plan for the 2023-24 church year. With rev. mandi huizenga, we  agreed on a vision of ministry and the actions that will help move us forward with this focus in mind: Embracing Our Future.

2023-24 Board goals: 

Facilitate capital campaign success:
  • Appoint a campaign leadership team composed of members with the skills and demographics that will enable a successful outcome
  • Create a strategic action plan post-capital campaign
Live into our governance and shared ministry:
  • Enhance education/understanding: governance, shared ministry, structure
  • Employ efforts to become un-siloed: Build Committee relationships, encourage Committee and Program team understanding of and adherence to new processes such as succession/rotation plans

Ann Arellano


Chris Cable


Nell Haslett-Brousse


Katie Hay


Brigid Coleman


Kelley Trombly-Freytag


Caroline Bailey


rev. mandi huizenga

Minister, Ex-officio

The Board of Trustees

Monthly Board meeting agenda: The general session of all monthly Board meetings is open to all who would like to listen in. The current agenda will be posted soon before each third-Tuesday meeting on  Here’s What’s Happening, accessible from the red button mid-home page.

Our church is governed by a congregation-elected Board of Trustees consisting of seven positions, plus the Minister as an ex-officio member. Three of our elected officer trustees (President, Treasurer, Clerk) and our trustees-at-large serve staggered two-year terms. The Officer-elect position is a one-year term preparing for the role of either President or Treasurer depending on rotation. We have a modified policy-based model of governance which frees the board to set long-range goals and create policies and procedures to cover church operations. Committees and other groups are empowered to carry out the administration and ministries of the church, using our policies as a guide.

We will continue to improve, create and implement further changes in our policy governance journey. By communicating with and requesting input from other church leaders and our members, we aim to increase clarity and efficiency by engaging with staff, reducing overlap in current committees and teams, and redefining Board roles to better fit a refined governance structure.

Current President: Ann Arellano


Five Advisory Committees to the Board of Trustees form the backbone of our church operations. Finance, Stewardship, Personnel, Governance, and Facilities are populated by member volunteers appointed by the Board, drawing those among us with talents and passion in a variety of areas, and assisted by staff within their areas of responsibility.


Our Minister, as Head of Staff, and our Staff members engage with Teams of member volunteers to enhance our thriving, engaging programs. Within areas of Administration, Worship and Inspiration, Education and Personal Growth, Caring and Fellowship, and Justice and Advocacy, we carry out the goals and mission of the church and also are able to live our values daily in the wider community.

Other elected positions

As necessary for the roles they are asked to carry out, members of the Nominating and Ministerial Search Committees also are elected by Congregational vote.