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Social Justice & Advocacy

Focus on Social Justice: Thanks to all who attended Rev. Connie’s January 9 Zoom playshop. Teams will meet soon to organize congregational efforts in the areas of Racial justice, Hunger and homelessness, Environmental concerns, Civil rights/human rights, Radical compassion. Read more in the January 13 Weekly DUUConnection email and stay tuned for information on how to be involved. Contact Rev. Connie if you would like to help organize one of the teams.

While the COVID experience has curtailed some of our social justice activities, we continue to monitor and participate as much as possible in long-term commitments with the desire to resume full participation soon!

Through organizational and individual member activity, we have ongoing commitments to various local and national social and environmental organizations and activities. A member workshop in January 2022 renewed passion around several of those areas of interest, and more.

In addition, the Congregation has approved three Statements of Conscience over the years, allowing us to make our voice clear in the larger community regarding reproductive rights, marriage equality, and our commitment to the environment.