Many of our small groups have been meeting via Zoom during Covid. Check back for new details when we resume meeting in person.

Our adult enrichment and lifelong learning programs take on engaging and thought-provoking topics to guide meaningful conversation and opportunity for personal growth.

Classes and book discussion opportunities are offered throughout the year.

  • As a non-doctrinal religion, one of the recurring and most popular classes has been Building Your Own Theology. Based on the assumption that everyone is their own theologian, this classic UU adult education program invites participants to develop their own personal credos. Attendees are encouraged to draw from various sources to define their personal spiritual paths. Look for information on when this class will be offered when we resume group meetings at the church.
  • Book discussion groups often align with a social justice initiative or news-worthy topic. A few time/date options are offered by volunteer discussion leaders to include as many as possible. It’s a great way to meet new people and share thoughtful insight.
  • Personal interest classes and groups include Meditation, a Humanist discussion group, our Jewish Heritage group, Tai Chi, Comparative Religions, Sacred Origins – all led by Church members.
  • If you have a program that you would like to provide for Adult Enrichment you can submit a proposal here.

Adult Program Calendar