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Return to In-Person Religious Education

The church returned to in-person worship and religious education on March 6th, 2022. We are glad to offer the option to attend in-person or online! We want you to feel comfortable and safe as you return.

  • We encourage all who are eligible to be fully vaccinated.
  • We require that all attendees remain masked while in the building.
  • Doors will open at 10:10, and we’ll seat households together, with open seats between household groups.

It will be a learning process for everyone as we transition to multi-platform (in-person as well as online) services, youth religious education and afternoon programming. Along the way we will make changes to the routine as needed. Most importantly, we welcome and will be grateful for your presence, however you choose to join us!

For Adults: Offerings for Adults will be multi-platform for groups that choose to meet at the Church or they will continue to meet on Zoom.

For Youth: On arrival Sunday morning, each family should enter the sanctuary together. Children and youth will sit with their families. After the Time to Gather portion of the service, the children and youth will be led out to their class meeting area. PreK – 6th grade will gather in Kreves Hall and will possibly do outdoor activities if weather permits (as attendance numbers increase, this group will divide into two age appropriate groups),  7th & 8th grade Coming of Age will meet in the Learning Center and High School Youth Group in the Founders Room.

Register your family for Youth Religious Education here and we’ll add you to the distribution list for classroom links and weekly updates.

Unitarian Universalists understand that learning and growth are lifelong endeavors. We learn and evolve on this journey through our principles, teaching our youth and adults within a “living tradition” of wisdom and spirituality, drawn from sources as diverse as science, poetry, scripture, and personal experience.

Parents who are looking for a faith community to support and affirm them in teaching their children life’s most meaningful values will find a home in the DuPage UU Church Religious Education Program. Whatever your religious background – or if you have never participated in a faith community – there is room for you and your children in our congregation.

At DuPage UU Church we provide a religious education program that nurtures and stimulates our children’s spiritual and personal growth, and teaches the principles that unify us as Unitarian Universalists. Throughout our program, children and youth are encouraged to seek their own truths, to clarify their values, and to live intentional lives inspired by those values. We help children honor the differences among us – e.g., diversity of race, ability, sexual orientation, and opinion – while celebrating our shared humanity, and we strive to foster their delight in the mysteries and miracles of the world.

You may contact our Director of Religious Education, Steve Cooper, to learn more about any of our youth programs or how to register your child. Social justice work is central to Unitarian Universalism, and empowering our youngsters to find ways to work to make the world a better place is of great importance to our congregation and is emphasized in our religious education program.