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Take Your Broken Wings and Learn to Fly Again

Sunday, April 18, 2021 @ 10:30am

By Rev. Dr. Myriam Renaud, DuPage UU Church's Community Minister

This is an in-between time of waiting for the COVID19 vaccines to restore some sense of the normal. Rev. Myriam will offer some reflections on learning to fly again now that our wings, though broken, are mending. We survived the hardships of the past year thanks to the courage of essential workers, and to the love of family, friends, strangers, and, for some of us, God. How can we continue to be inspired by the grit of others and share all the love in our hearts?

Science Sunday @ Noon via YouTube. Mike Werner, former DuPage UU member and co-founder of the local Humanist chapter, will join us for Science Sunday. Mike will talk to us about Evolutionary Psychology: How much of our behavior is due to nature and how much to culture? Evolutionary Psychology explains how we have instinctual hard wiring in our brain for some adaptive behaviors such as language, incest avoidance, tribalism, fear of snakes and spiders, male dominance but also empathy and compassion. Some say that we are only a social construction and there is no common humanity. Others say that much of our behavior is ultimately driven by subconscious drives for survival and reproduction. Let’s explore this fascinating field that many believe is the most important scientific development in the last 50 years.

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