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What Does It Mean to be a People of Commitment?

Sunday, March 7, 2021 @ 10:30am

By Steve Cooper, Director of Religious Education

This month we’re exploring the many ways our UU faith invites us to become “A People of Commitment.” For this service we will focus on four “UU commitments”, “the four C’s”:
Curiosity (The Commitment to Asking Questions)
Change (The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind)
Conscience (The Commitment to Individual Conscience & The Value of Each Person)
Compassion (The Commitment to Seeing the Needs of Others as Your Own)
This is a service for all ages.

Science Sunday @ Noon via YouTube. Inventions...How Humans Transformed Matter and How Those Transformations Also Changed Us. Our large brains allowed humans to impact the world in colossal ways, but never so much as in the last 150 years. Mike Winter will take a look at some of these inventions and reveal how the development of these shaped and forever altered the human experience.

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