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Four Spiritualities: Theism for a Modern Age

Sunday, August 16, 2020 @ 10:30am

By Reverend Michael Walker

In the second installment of a sermon series, Rev. Mike helps us define Theism and its applicability to our largely secular society. The Rev. Fred Campbell wrote, “Theists know God as a real presence in their living. ... God is the ultimate transcendent reference system upon which life depends for order and purpose.” Theism generally refers to theologies of a divine entity, but doesn’t necessarily refer to any particular religion nor identify a specific name or nature of God/dess. Crossing religious boundaries, this is the theology of an unfathomable higher, creative power, from which order in the universe is derived. From this sense of order comes our values and morality, and it’s by faith that Theists see these values and morality expressed in our lives.

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