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Celebrating Chalica

Sunday, December 5, 2021 @ 10:30am

By Steve Cooper, Director of Religious Education and Rev. Connie Grant

Chances are, you may have never heard of this up and coming UU Holiday. It first emerged in 2005, and has slowly been gaining popularity since. It is traditionally celebrated in the first week of December, with each night being represented by one of the UU 7 Principles. Today we will introduce Chalica to our church community.
This is a service for all ages.

Science Sunday @ Noon via YouTube. Science of Leadership, Power, and Authority. We will start talking about how humans have evolved divergent leadership traits from even our closest biological relative-chimpanzees. How has leadership developed in chimps and how is it different in humans? Why? In further discussions we will explore who seeks to attain power in human society; if the act of attaining power causes corruption in those who obtain it; and if existing systems inevitably lead to corruption of those in authority. Finally, how do we attract incorruptible people to positions of power? We will continue this topic in 2022.

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