The Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM) assists the Minister(s), Staff, Board of Trustees, and other lay leaders and members in promoting the well-being of the congregation’s total ministry. Ministry is everything a congregation does to fulfill its mission. The COSM is involved in monitoring, educating, evaluating, advising, and protecting the congregation’s ministry, both lay and professional. It embodies shared ministry, in concert with the Minister and the Board of Trustees. It is one of the primary structures within the congregation for demonstrating the empowerment of mutual trust and for modeling reconciliation and healing.

If you should ever have a question about how to approach or resolve conflict or differences with a fellow church member or staff, please review the church’s Member/Member Conflict Resolution procedure or Member/Staff Conflict Resolution procedure.  You may contact COSM ( for advice or assistance at any time.

Kevin Mulqueeny

Chair; term 2022-2025

Toni Morgan

term 2024-2026

Karen Peck

term 2022-2025

Joe Wilmarth-Tyna

term 2024-2026

rev. mandi huizenga

ex-officio member