Everyone is welcome to attend our church and participate in the wide range of activities available here. After attending services and participating in church events for a while, we hope that you have found one – or several – reasons to stay, based on the priorities in your or your family’s life journey. You may make the decision to become a voting member. Our minister, rev. mandi huizenga, would love to speak with you, to get to know you and answer any questions.  Membership in our church requires a commitment on your part; however, the steps to become a member of the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church are fairly simple:

  1. Complete the membership class.
  2. Sign the membership book.
  3. Pledge financial support.
  4. Become involved in church activities in ways that fulfill your needs and contribute to the health of the congregation.
  5. Maintain your membership.

Start your journey today to becoming a member.