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When we organize, we build power in our communities for justice, accountability, and healing. In the last four years, UU the Vote has built new networks of spiritual and political communities to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate. In 2024, DUUC is pursuing the “Good Trouble Congregation” designation.

We, the DUUC Good Troublemakers, are answering the call of our faith to organize and mobilize our congregation toward empowered democratic action. To this end, as “ordinary people with extraordinary vision”, we commit to:

  • “stand up, speak up, and speak out” in pursuit of collective liberation, and
  • contribute to building an inclusive, multi-racial democracy.

We invite you to join us in this work! Complete our interest form.

Voter Contact Goals

Average 20 postcards or letters per congregant.16%
Average 200 text messages per congregant.0%

Community Organizing Goals

At least 2 congregants are line warmers, poll workers, Election Defenders, or non-partisan poll observers.100%
At least 20% of congregants participate or attend a DUUC Good Trouble program or event62%

Sharing our Impact

Are you a DUUC member already getting into “good trouble”? Complete our reporting form, we’d love to include your efforts in our collective impact!