Power of Community: RESIST!

2023-04-02 10:30:00

In-person & Online. The Music of the Movement lets us embody our justice values in action. Join us for this multi-generational service exploring music of resistance.


Science Sunday at Noon – In-person and Online via YouTube
Scott and Mike will be joined by reverend mandi as Science Sunday explores “Awe and Wonder in Science”. Join us at DUUC at noon on April 2nd as we sit informally to investigate theological, humanistic, and scientific perceptions of the world we live in. Do human-created (or influenced) perspectives foster human flourishing and the awe and wonder of this magnificent world, or do they impede them?
We hope you can find time in your Sunday to stop in the Sanctuary at noon to join in the conversation!! Where do Science, Unitarian Universalism, Humanism and a religiously liberal mindset mesh, and can we foster a sense of Awe and Wonder in our approach to Life? There will be time for discussion and input by all at this gathering!

Religious Education: Service for all ages.