Kith and Kin

2022-09-18 10:30:00

In-person & Online. Being together in community crafts our sacred space. What kind of space do we wish to create together? How will this space impact our community?


Science Sunday: Noon, on our YouTube channelThe Community of Science – the pursuit of knowledge as a social activity. We’ll quickly cover some working definitions of “science” from the philosophy of science, and then spend the majority of our time together discussing science as an organized communal pursuit of knowledge. We’ll cover issues of social status, community self-policing, ethics standards, social (i.e. academic) expectations, and how the pursuit of science brings people from diverse cultural backgrounds together. Please join us for this Science Sunday to get a look into the “sausage factory” of the profession of science.

Religious Education:

Religious Education classes are meeting multi-platform – in person or via Zoom. Please click on the Spiritual Growth tab above for more details and how to register for weekly updates.