Guest at Our Table

2022-10-16 10:30:00

In-person & Online.  How do we UUs live courageously in times full of uncertainty? Rev Dr Sofía Betancourt from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee will join us to discuss Guest at Our Table, an intergenerational social justice project that benefits communities in our world that are most impacted by injustice.

Science Sunday: Noon, in-person and on our YouTube channel. David Clark will talk to us about Halloween. This three-part talk will start by covering some of the history of Halloween, including as a harvest festival and a celebration of persons passed, as well as how Christianity subsumed pagan traditions into the celebration of All Saints day. Next, he’ll talk about some of the science surrounding Halloween myths of supernatural beings and occurrences, such as ghosts and spells and hexes. Finally, he’ll wrap up by delving into some practical advice about how to have a fun and scary Halloween.

Magic, Ritual, and Gnosis: A History of Western Esotericism, 3pm via Zoom. Magical rituals, non-physical beings, and secret orders make for interesting stories. But where do these ideas come from? The western world has a long and complicated history of mystical belief and practice. These traditions have not only influenced fiction but also science, mathematics, and philosophy. Join us as we discuss this fascinating topic. Questions or to request the zoom link, email

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