Changing Our Narratives

2022-11-20 10:30:00

In-person & Online. The narratives we tell ourselves are always done through a lens of experience and privilege. How might we recognize where our lenses are influencing our perspectives and narratives? The choir will be singing after a long hiatus.


Science Sunday @ Noon. In-person and on our  YouTube channel. Scott Thompson will talk about Science of the Season: Fall. The first part of Scott’s program will begin with an explanation of why fall happens, in the context of astronomy and climate, to the changes the season brings about for the surface of the Earth. The second half will delve into the changes the season brings to life on Earth. This will include fascinating topics including: migrations, hibernation,  changes in animal behavior and biology, to the reason for changing colors of leaves. Hopefully, this will help us discover a new appreciation for, and understanding of, the changing season.

Religious Education:
Religious Education classes have begun. Please click on the Spiritual Growth tab above for more details and how to register for weekly updates.
The nursery is now open and available for ages 0 – 3yrs.