Believing in Evolution

2022-02-20 10:30:00

Online ONLY – Believing in evolution is a theological claim as well as a scientific one.  In honor of Charles Darwin’s 213th birthday, an exploration of the meaning of “evolution” in our lives.


Policy-based Governance update, 9:30 by Zoom. The Board and Governance Advisory Committee will provide an update on progress with our organizational and governance changes. Look for Zoom details in the Order of Service email and on the Member Portal page.

Virtual Social Time, 11:30-noon by Zoom. Bring your coffee and join us following the service for Social Time hosted by Rev. Connie Grant. You’ll be assigned to an automatically-generated “breakout room” for a half-hour of conversation with a small group of people. A discussion question related to the service will be provided. Look for Zoom details in the Order of Service email and on the Member Portal page.

Science Sunday: Noon, on our YouTube channel.  Scott Thompson will give the second part of his talk about Einstein’s special theory of relativity. You need not have attended the first one to enjoy this one, but if you missed the first part and would like to catch up, check out the DUUC YouTube channel for part 1. During this 2nd part, Scott will discuss the famous E=mc2, as well as the ways in which special relativity is important to cosmology, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and particle physics.

Creating a Covenant of Engagement
  • Sunday, February 20, 3:00 – 5:00 pm by Zoom or
  • Wednesday, February 23, 7:00 – 9:00 pm by Zoom
All congregants are invited to participate in the formulation of a Covenant of Engagement. This covenant will provide the rationale and guiding principles for the ways individual members engage with each other, with ministers and staff, with operating structures (Boards, committees, teams, etc.), and with the congregation as a whole.
Facilitated by Rev. Connie Grant and members of the Transition Team, congregants will be invited to respond to two simple questions that will provide the basis for the covenant. The participation of as many congregation members as possible will help to make this a useful document that will help the congregation thrive. Responses will be incorporated into a document to be reviewed and voted on by the congregation.  Look for Zoom details in the Order of Service email and on the Member Portal page.

Religious Education:

Religious Education classes are meeting and viewing lessons online only. Please click on the Spiritual Growth tab above for more details and how to register.