Governing and Program Contacts

Who’s in charge? See below for email contacts for governing committees and ministry programs.  Not seeing what you need? Contact Us to ask for more information or review the Structure map for names that can be found in our Directory available on the Member Portal. Church address and phone number are in the footer area of each page.

Staff for Ministry Programs and Administration

If you have a question about our ministry programming (Sunday services, religious education, small groups, adult enrichment, social advocacy, etc.), please contact the staff aligned with that area or the volunteer leader of the program noted on the structure map.

  • Minister/Head of Staff: (rev. mandi huizenga)
  • Director of Membership and Engagement: (Tina Lewis)
  • Director of Religious Education: (Steve Cooper)
  • Administrator: (Sheri Regalado)
  • Interim Choir Director: (Amanda Thomas)
  • Find more Program details on our Organizational Structure map
Board of Trustees 2023-24

If you have a question about the mission and vision of our church, the annual  goals and activities aligned with church policy, finances, governing, etc., please contact a Board member or a member of an advisory committee.

  • (Ann Arellano)
  • (Chris Cable)
  • (Nell Haslett-Brousse)
  • (Katie Hay)
  • (Kelley Trombly-Freytag)
  • (Brigid Coleman)
  • (Caroline Bailey)
Committees reporting to the Board
  • Finance Advisory: or (Nell Haslett-Brousse, chair)
  • Auction Team:
  • Stewardship Advisory: (Joe Gano, chair)
  • Governance Advisory: (Doug Kocher-Cowan, chair)
  • Personnel Advisory:
  • Facilities Advisory: (Cindy Wunderlich, chair)
Committees of the Congregation
  • Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM): (Karen Hutt, chair)
  • Nominating: (Chris Knight, chair)