Taking Care of Business, Celebrating Accomplishments

Join us on June 4 at 11:30 am. Check below for:

  1. Information sessions for Budget and Bylaws review
  2. Quorum and passage requirements for ballot items
  3. Ballot lineup (Minutes, Budget, Potential borrowing from Endowment, Bylaws edits, Slate of candidates) with links to details
  4. Annual Meeting day details for in person and Zoom attendees
Information sessions:

Review of the 2023/24 Budget took place on May 17, May 21, and May 23. Review of the Bylaws edits took place on May 10 and May 21.

Quorum requirements for 2023, based on ballot items:
  • 2022 Minutes: 25% quorum (61 members), approval by acclamation
  • 2023-24 Budget, and Slate of candidates: 25% quorum (61 members) and simple majority of eligible voters present.
  • Bylaws edits: 25% quorum (61 members) and 66% affirmative votes by eligible voters present.
  • Potential borrowing from Endowment principal: 40% quorum (98 members) and 66% affirmative votes by eligible voters present.
Ballot items this year include:
Annual Meeting day details:
  • There will be a Sunday service as usual on the day of the Annual Meeting. See in person and Zoom details below.
  • The Annual Meeting will begin shortly after the service. Annual Meeting agenda
  • Childcare is provided during the Annual Meeting.

Following the service, in-person attendees must check-in at the table by the steps to the Sanctuary to receive their voting card. In-person folks will raise their cards for Yes, No, or Abstain as the option is called out after each item presentation.

Counters will visually count each in-person response and will give their paper card counts to the Clerk. But we will NOT announce any passage after each vote. Because …

If you are joining by Zoom, you must check in by typing your name in the Chat feature.

  • Join Zoom for June 4 Annual Meeting. Meeting ID: 860 5445 6463 Passcode: 951412

The Zoom link will be open about 11:15; the Clerk and others facilitating the meeting will be with you as soon as they can transition from the Sunday service. Meeting attendees on Zoom will receive the online e-ballot as the presentations conclude, so that they are not distracted toggling back and forth during the presentations. At the end of the presentations, the e-ballot URL will be posted in Chat and on the Annual Meeting page on the church website. The Zoom folks will be asked to vote asap. 

While the celebration and recognition portion of the meeting starts, the Clerk and assistant counter will tabulate electronic votes for all ballot items and add them to the in person votes for the final tally. The Clerk will alert the President to the ballot outcomes. The President will find an appropriate time between recognition presentations to present the information.