2023 Annual Meeting Ballot

Remote voting for DuPage UU Church 2023 Annual Meeting

Use this form to submit your support or opposition to a series of votes for your consideration as part of the 2023 Annual Meeting of the DuPage UU Church. To make an informed decision, you are strongly encouraged to review the Annual Meeting documents that are available on the church website: https://dupageuuchurch.org/governance/2023-annual-meeting/. Please submit one ballot per individual member. We will verify that the name entered is a member in good standing before we tabulate the results.
Record your votes for the items below and Submit when finished.
Do you approve the 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes as written?
Do you approve the 2023-24 Budget as presented by the Board of Trustees?
Do you approve funding the 2023-24 budget deficit by borrowing - only as necessary - from the Endowment Fund principal, with a repayment plan, if necessary, presented to the congregation for approval at the 2024 Annual Meeting?
Do you approve making membership open to all people 14 years of age or older, or upon the completion of the Coming of Age program?
Do you approve shifting our fiscal year to begin July 1 and end June 30, to better align with the UUA and our own program year?
Do you approve revising one Board position to “Officer-elect” to allow preparation for the President or Treasurer role depending on the cycle, and referring to that change where appropriate in the Bylaws?
Do you approve the slate for the elected positions on the Board and the Nominating Committee as presented by the Nominating Committee?
Board: Officer-elect (VP) - Chris Cable; Treasurer: Nell Haslett-Brousse; Trustee-at-large - Brigid Coleman | Nominating Committee: Chris Brown, Laura Cuber, Alissa Verson