Navigating the new DuPage UU website

After a long and successful run in its current format, our DuPage UU Church public website has a new look and updated security. Most content you would find on the previous site also is on the new site, perhaps in a slightly different position. A few new content areas contain useful day-to-day information for all. Here’s a review of what you’ll see, what to look for, and where to find it:

DuPage UU Church icon: At the top left, our DuPage UU Church tree icon remains, now using a color palette aligned with the UUA range of colors. Use the tree to return to the home page from any page on the site. The icon and navigation menu appear on all site pages.

Top navigation menu: The main navigation areas are similar to the areas of content on the previous site. Explore the content under Worship, Spiritual Growth, Fellowship, Justice, Organization, and About Us.

  • A new content area is Organization. You can find church governance and leadership information here, Board meeting minutes, and our new organizational structure.
  • Newsletters and the Calendar can be found under About Us.

Member Portal: On the top right, above the navigation menu, is the Member Login link. We have opted to use a social platform login format for member-only information. At the end of this article you will find how to register for access.

Handy DuPage UU links: Top right, next to Member Login.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Contact Us. The Contact Us page includes a form to request information or ask for the Minister, Staff, or lay leaders to be in touch with you.

Search for content: The universal magnifying glass icon opens the search box. Type your search word or words and press Enter on your computer keyboard for content search results.

Home page content:

  • Upcoming Service information is at the top of the page. READ MORE leads to detail about that date’s Sunday (or special) service. WATCH ONLINE leads to our YouTube site and to the day’s streaming service or past services. (To view the whole month’s future services, you will find Upcoming Services under Worship in the top navigation menu.)
  • Below the Upcoming Service is a banner with our Mission and Vision statements.
  • Scroll to the monthly theme area with the theme topic and two buttons leading to information for both members/friends and newcomers: Here’s What’s Happening opens a page with information about current activities and frequently requested links. This page is similar to the former Members pre-log in page and Quick Links on the previous site. It will be updated with timely information and also contains standing information with links to commonly accessed activities such as Social Time and Zoom with the Board. First-time Visitors provides visitors or seekers with a welcome message and information about DuPage UU and Unitarian Universalism.
  • Below the theme are rotating images that showcase life at DuPage UU Church. We can’t wait to resume in-person services and activities; we’ll add new photos!

Footer: Information and links at the bottom of the site will appear on all pages. The footer area includes address, links to Minister and Staff, ADA accessibility information, and calendar details as well as our UUA affiliations and certifications.

How to register for access to the Member Portal:

  • Click on Member Login at the top right, above the main navigation menu. To register, choose your preferred social platform (Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook) for login purposes and access to the Member Portal page on this website.
  • You may be asked to choose from one or more accounts you have on that platform. Pick from the choices.
  • When prompted, choose Create New Account. “Account” in this case refers to your new registration specific to this website.
  • You’ll receive a message that says your registration is a success. But … Wait for it: As the information on the Member Portal is not public, the Church office will need to identify your status as a member or friend and activate your access. As this is a manual process, activation will take place only during business hours, so there may be some delay.
  • When your account has been activated, you will receive an email sent to the email address aligned with the social platform you’ve chosen to use. Click on Member Login during any site visit in the future, choose the social platform icon you identified for your log in, and you will be led to the Member Portal. You will find the Directory, year-to-date finance updates, Congregational Record information that our Ministerial Search Committee is sharing with prospective ministers, Promise pledge information, and other member-only information.
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