chalice and church attendeesWorship at DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church combines affirming our values with experiencing wonder and inspiration. There are hymns, readings, music, and a sermon; however, our worship is not about telling someone what to believe, it is an invitation for each person to look deep within themselves for the stirrings of their heart, mind, and spirit, to explore personal beliefs and values, and to find connection to that which is larger than themselves (god/goddess, community, humanity, universe). We embrace our commonalities in our mission and vision, as we acknowledge we may seek different paths to achieve the same ends. 

Our mission: We gather as an inclusive community to grow in character, mind and spirit and to transform the world toward fairness, love and compassion.

Our vision: Shared Values | Diverse Beliefs | Beloved Community

Our worship ends with another invitation: Go out into the world, live your values and beliefs, so when you come back to the church, you can tell us what you have learned.

Explore the variety of spiritual, inspirational, community-building options available for adults and children at DuPage UU Church.