Upcoming Sunday Sermon Topic

Employing "Moral Imagination" as an Everyday Practice to Cultivate Empathy

Sunday, February 25, 2018 @ 9:30am & 11:15am

By Participants of the DuPage UU Church Fall Retreat

Each Fall for nearly 40 years this church has offered a retreat where 20-plus participants spend the weekend discussing a theme while journaling, sharing life stories, and engaging in self-reflection. In Fall 2017, the group studied the concept of using "moral imagination" to develop empathy and will share what they learned. Come learn how you, too, already may use moral imagination or how to improve its use in your interactions.

9:30am in the Learning Center. Welcoming Congregation Rectification Kick-Off. Being a Welcoming Congregation means this church has worked hard to make sure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are full members of our faith community. It means we strive for radical inclusion, creating spaces that honor every part of our identities, backgrounds, and experiences. It means we have gone through a process of classes and internal exploration to become certified by the Unitarian Universalist Association as a Welcoming Congregation. Please come, learn about this church-wide initiative and decide how you can be part of it.

Religious Education:
Religious Education classes meet at 9:30am & 11:15am