Affinity Groups

Affinity groups provide a chance to hang out with young and old who share a thread of common interest or concern that helps forge deep connections, build trust and create a support system on a personal and day-to-day level. From spiritual (Humanist discussion group, Jewish heritage group, Chalice circles) to stage-of-life (Elder circle, 30s and 40s group, Special needs caregivers) to comfort and current events (Crafting and conversation, UU Women’s group, Grief support), DuPage UU Church has a vibrant network of groups to make you feel connected, cared for and loved.

Chalice Circles and Covenant Groups

Chalice Circles and Covenant Groups offer small-group discussion as a great way to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, with the congregation and with their vision of what is sacred and meaningful.

Annual Adult Retreat

Annual Adult Retreat has been an offsite, long-weekend event offered each fall with a new topic each year. We adapted to online during COVID! Watch for updates regarding this year’s plans.

If you are interested in exploring participation in a small group, contact us.