2024/25 Special Offerings Nomination Form

Please remember: Nominations must have 501(c)3 status and a local presence or impact.

Deadline: March 31. Submit the form below or find a paper copy of the nomination form in the Church office near the mailboxes. Questions? Please contact the Special Offerings Team at specialofferings@dupageuuchurch.org
  • Your Information

    Please enter your personal information: name, email, and phone number.
  • Organization Information

    Please include the name, address, and website of the organization nominee of your choice.
  • Organization Contact Information

    Please fill out the information below in regard to the point of contact for the organization nominee of your choice.
  • Additional Organization Information

    We'd like to know more about the organization! Please use the fields below to give us as much information as possible, including your affiliation with the organization (if applicable).