Current status of in-person activities at DuPage UU

Church meetings should be multi‐platform if meeting in‐person, meaning that individuals can choose to join via Zoom or in person. Technology has been upgraded in many of the meeting rooms and we will continue to work toward improving this technology.

Room occupancy will be based on room size and ability to safely distance. These numbers are based on non‐related adults in the room. Once the group is seated they can choose as a group whether to stay masked during the meeting.
Founders Room: 14
Learning Center: 28
Kreves Hall: 20
Sanctuary: 25
Whitney Young: 4
Clara Barton: 6

The following Group Expectations and Guidelines will be posted in meeting spaces and sent to group leaders:

  • For the safety of your group, other groups and church staff please enforce our safety
    measures within your groups.
  • Please ask members of your group to refrain from attending if they show signs of illness
    (coughing, fever, sore throat).
  • Arrive no sooner than five minutes early and leave no later than five minutes after
    scheduled ending time.
  • No community food or drinks to share.
  • Wear a facemask while traveling through building.
  • If seated and socially distanced facemask may be removed if all parties are agreeable.
  • Individual impromptu meetings can take place on benches in the backyard.

We do encourage individuals or families to visit the church property and enjoy our prairie, gardens and labyrinth at any time (no reservation required). If small groups would like to meet in the backyard for a social gathering or meeting, it should be scheduled through to avoid conflicts.

Thank you and we will continue to assess meeting options and group size as the year progresses.