Auction 2022: Get Your Muppet Slapstick On!
Ready for a little sassy and crazy? Winning bidder Brigid Coleman chose this year’s theme: The Muppet Show!

  • The Auction will be online (same format as 2020 and 2021). Bidding opens Thursday, November 3 and closes at noon on Sunday, November 6.


Submit your auction items now: The Auction 2022: The Muppet Show site has all the information you need for goods, services, party and event donations!  In the meantime, refresh your memory: Kermit, of course, and the ever-dramatic Miss Piggy, the hilarious (well, he tries!) Fozzie Bear, Crazy Harry the pyrotechnic “expert” and master hecklers Statler and Waldorf might show up!

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