2023/24 Youth RE Registration

Infant – Twelfth Grade at 10:15 a.m. Please register all children (infants through high school). Children through age three will have supervised care. Registration is Free.

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Children and Youth Information

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(CL) Chalice Lighter 3rd – 6th grade ::: (SP) Spark! 3rd – 5th Grade Social Group ::: (FIRE) Middle School Social Group —- (see brochure or website for more info)
Media Permission
We would like to publish pictures or videos on our website or YouTube to show visitors what our church is like. Some of these pictures may contain children and youth from our religious education program. We will not publish pictures with close-up shots of children and we will not publish names.

Parent Covenant

We expect that parents, trusting in us to share their concern for their children’s moral and spiritual well-being will support and assist our efforts in the following way: being committed to your child’s regular participation, according to your family situation; informing yourself about the activities of the R.E. Program and conversing about them with your child at home; and sharing time and skills with the R.E. Program. We ask each parent to make a commitment as well as to provide occasional assistance when needed.(Required)

Youth Musicians


I would like to volunteer in the Youth Religious Education program: