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A secure (log on) Members site is available, providing access to member directories, board policies, and more. This frequently requested information is relevant to members and pledging friends of DuPage UU Church. 

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Our mission: We gather as an inclusive community to grow in character, mind and spirit and to transform the world toward fairness, love and compassion.

Our vision: Shared Values | Diverse Beliefs | Beloved Community

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Stewardship 2020: This is the time of year that we begin the intentional process for ensuring that our church mission, through our programs, continue to both nurture our community and help to transform our world. Please log in to the Members site to find information and  guidelines under Resources about Stewardship 2020, or check current emails and the Newsletter for details. 

Monthly Board agenda: The general session of all monthly Board meetings is open to all who would like to listen in. 


November 2, 2019 Service Auction: Harry Potter and the Ministry of UUs! The wizardry commenced and was awesome! Thank you, all!

  • Find the winning bidders for events and services on the Members site under Resources.