Youth Religious Education Committee

Youth RE CommitteeThe Youth Religious Education Committee:

Theresa SaLee, Sarah Ruban, Steve Cooper

Kerry Freedman, Jenn Johnson, Wendy Cortes

(not pictured: Nell Haslett-Brouse, Mara Hutt-Southorn & Todd Harcharick)







The mission of the Youth Religious Education Program of the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church is to provide a safe, welcoming, and multi-generational church community to help our youth:

  • Develop a capacity for spiritual wonder,
  • Begin a personal journey of lifelong learning,
  • Respect the worth and dignity of all human beings, including themselves,
  • Gain knowledge of and pride in the diverse traditions and beliefs of Unitarian Universalism,
  • Learn about and respect other belief systems and individual differences and,
  • Grow to be a part of and contribute to society at large,
  • Accept responsibility for and take action on behalf of themselves, their community, and the whole planet.


To achieve a diverse, supportive, multi-generational community, who lives our Unitarian Universalist principles and aspires to understand ourselves and our evolving world as lifelong learners