Support SMILE: DuPage UU's mentorship project

Congratulations to the DuPage UU Church Social Justice Committee! Its efforts were recognized in February 2019 by the Unitarian Universalist Association's Breakthrough Congregation program, highlighting congregations that embody successful approaches to leading change.

Through the SMILE Project (Students, Mentors, Internship, with Local Employers) - the committee's key initiative - qualifying students are given an opportunity to realize their potential, develop a work ethic, and make positive choices for their futures.

To help raise funds to support the 2019 SMILE Project that will match 20 students with employers in a workplace environment for one month during the summer, DuPage UU Church and the Social Justice Committee participated in the Giving DuPage 8th annual DuPage Human Race on April 27, a Portillos fundraiser on April 24, and is accepting donations from DuPage UU members and friends. Thank you for your generosity!

For questions contact Maggie Kivisto, Chairperson SMILE Project