Affinity groups

Our Affinity Groups offer a thread of common interest or concern that helps forge deep connections, build trust and create a support system on a personal and day-to-day level. From spiritual (Humanist discussion group, Jewish heritage group, Chalice circles) to stage-of-life (Elder circle, 30s and 40s group, Special needs caregivers) to comfort and current events (Crafting and conversation, UU Women's group, Grief support), DuPage UU Church has a vibrant network of groups to make you feel connected, cared for and loved. Find more groups and detail in our Committees and Groups brochure, organized by:

  • Parents - Youth - Children
  • Sunday Morning Activities
  • Spirituality- Personal Enrichment - Education
  • Helping Others - Improving Our World
  • Building Connections - Discussion Groups - Affinity Groups
  • Making the Church Work