Upcoming Sunday Sermon Topic

What Does Faith Mean in a Rational World?

January 26, 2020

By Rev. Michael Walker

With every advancement in science, spiritual people wonder if the shelf-life of faith has expired. Some people will avoid anything spiritual and especially the concept of spirit, which they perceive as supernatural. However, the Transcendentalists taught us that spirit is a part of nature – and we will explore that idea. As for faith, what happens to our lives when we have faith in something larger or beyond ourselves? Including when what we believe has been challenged by what we have learned from science?

9:15am in the Learning Center. What’s the Environmental Buzz in our State and Locales? Jeff Gahris will speak about news and information on environmental activism and legislation in our state. Jeff is a retired environmental engineer with over 30 years’ experience at the U.S. EPA. He has served on Glen Ellyn’s Environmental Commission and is an active volunteer with Sierra Club and other groups, focused on environmental quality and clean energy for our community.

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