Board of Trustees Announcement - April 25, 2021

From Jenny Hobbs, President of the Board of Trustees:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I wish to extend such gratitude to the members of our Ministerial Search Committee for all work they have put in this year on our behalf. This has been an extraordinary year, and while we are disappointed not to have found a match this year, another year of Interim Ministry will allow us to continue working on our Governance change and solidify good healthy practices before we enter Settled Ministry. 

The Board is also deeply thankful to our interim minister, Rev Mike, for his gifts of ministry during the last almost 2 years. The knowledge and experience that Rev Mike brought to the table has helped us grow and evolve our church leadership in amazing ways.  While we are certainly sorry he won't be able to continue with us for a 3rd year, we are excited for him to continue to pursue his passion and continue work on his Phd program. We absolutely wish him the best in these new endeavors. 

So, what are our next steps? I, along with your Board of Trustees, are excited and hopeful about the coming year. A subcommittee of the Board is working on hiring an interim minister to come and support us for one more year, as we continue to explore a new governance model for our church.  Our Governance Task Force has been hard at work on this project, and more info will come at the Annual Meeting. More info about the 2022 Ministerial Search will also be shared at the Annual Meeting. 

Thank you all for your continued support, it is an honor to serve you.


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