Auction 2020: Star Trek! Update!


Auction 2020 Log: It's not too late to participate!

Thank you, donors and bidders! You flew with us to a galaxy unknown and raised more than $20,000 while bidding for food, fun items, events, parties and offering monetary donations. See below for winners and calendar of events.

Did you miss out and wish you could purchase a service or event spot? There are some great services and events remaining. Review the list of openings and contact if you would like to purchase a service or spot at a party or event. The number of spots and cost for each item are listed. Beam 'em up!

If you prefer to donate directly to the Auction's success, visit and follow the link to the Vanco site; choose the Auction checkbox. Or send a check to the church, noting Auction on the memo line.

Auction 2020: Party and Event winners

Auction 2020: Services, Lessons, Cabin winners

Auction 2020: Calendar of Parties and Events 

The Starship DuPage UU Auction Crew conquered this virtual frontier with aplomb, for an awesome outcome! A lineup of superstars helped show that things are only impossible until they're not! 

  • Auction 2020 Commanders in Chief: Jane Gano, Katie Hay and Lyndi Sprietsma
  • Greater Giving Auction Site Tactical Officers: Cindy Wunderlich, Michael Shoultz, Linda Zetterberg
  • Communications Officer: Ann Arellano
  • Donation-recruiting Lieutenants: Kay Richards, Carolyn Atkin, Carolyn Drake, Nancy Fleming, Sue Gately, Diane Gelder, Sarah Baldwin, Judy Nigro, Sue Ross, Perry Perkins
  • Item-tagging Ensigns: Kristen Tang, Susan Comasta, Carolyn Drake
  • Winnings Distribution Chiefs: Sherry Burlingame, Linda Zetterberg, Tom Baldwin, Joe Gano, Ann Arellano, Carl Nash
  • Entertainment Operations: Allan Morgan and Jenny Hobbs with Zoom assistance from Bob Harris


Fascinating! A success propelled remotely at warp speed, during COVID! Thank you to all who participated in any way to make it so! Questions? Contact