Auction 2021: Caring, Sharing, Always There

See winning bids below.

This year we invited you to travel with us to Care-A-Lot! And you did!! In the past year-plus of COVID challenges and in sharing our emotions and UU values as we’ve made it through so many months, we have drawn on the good deeds embodied in the Care Bears children’s characters’ mission: In the complex world of human communication and expression, we adults, too, can help each other share our feelings and support one another.

Auction 2021 was a success!

Hosts and bidding winners for services and parties/events are included in the links below. Hosts, please notify your attendees as activities draw near. Winners, please mark your calendars or be in touch with hosts to set dates as appropriate.

Services hosts/winners list (babysitting, caroling, cabins, etc.)

Parties and events hosts/winners list (dinners, discussions, biking, etc.)

Calendar of event dates and times

And we Hope tangible-goods purchasers are enjoying their beautiful jewelry, riveting books, foods prepared with Care, and bountiful baskets of goodies!

Thanks-A-Lot and Take Care!

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