Auction 2021: Caring, Sharing, Always There

This year we invite you to travel with us to Care-A-Lot! In the past year-plus of COVID challenges and in sharing our emotions and UU values as we've made it through so many months, we can draw on the good deeds embodied in the Care Bears children's characters' mission: In the complex world of human communication and expression, we adults, too, can help each other share our feelings and support one another. We've done it; we can continue to do it! Wear it on your sleeve ... or on your Belly Badge! You're a Champ!

What's in store for DuPage UU Virtual Auction: Year 2?

While the Wish for a hybrid live/silent Auction has been dashed by variants (cue the march through the Forest of Feelings), we are Hopeful that we can build on the success of last year! The good news: The Virtual Auction 2021 allows four days to bid! Bidding will begin on Thursday, November 4 and continue through noon on Sunday, November 7.  

Before that can happen, don't be Bashful! We wish you Good Luck as you Do Your Best to think of the fabulous goods, services, parties, and events that bidders will Love-A-Lot.  

Auction donations

Enter your offerings on the Auction 2021 website. Submissions will be accepted through Oct. 31!

  • Goods and services: Fill out the form and submit, send an image* that represents your item or service, check the dates below for dropping off your non-perishable items.
  • Parties and Events: Check the Parties and Events calendar on the Auction site to avoid too many fun options on the same date, fill out the form and submit, and send an image* that represents the party or event!

* Since our auction is virtual and we are visual beings, please send an image of your donation (or representative image) to Please include the item name with your image. Consider including a penny in your photo for size reference. This will be used in the on-line catalog.


You may purchase your ticket online until the final day of the auction, November 7, 2021.

  • Price is $5 per Virtual Auction Bidder (Household, Couple or Single).  Each credit card used as payment method requires a separate admission.
  • Scholarships are available and can be obtained by contacting the Auction Committee.


Bidding notes

  • Some items (think jams and breads, for example) may list more than one available of that item. This year the item will be pictured only once; the final bid will be the winning price for the number available to the highest bidders in order of bidding. If the winning bid exceeds your spending limit, please let us know and we'll offer to the next in line.
  • As we posted last year, some dinners and events will be sold at a fixed price to a finite number of bidders. The price and number of bidders will be noted in the event description. Review the Auction offerings prior to the start of bidding; don't miss out! 


Drop off, pick up notes

  • Pre-Auction: Items donations can be dropped off at the church on Sunday, October 31 from 10:00am to 2:00pm and on Wednesday, November 3 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
  • Post-Auction: Items pick up for winning bidders is Sunday, November 7 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. 


Thanks-A-Lot and Take Care!

Questions? Email for assistance.