2021 Annual Meeting Information

Thank you for visiting the one-stop-shop page for all information about the 2021 DuPage UU Church Annual Meeting. With COVID-19 guidelines in place, we will not meet in person for the annual business meeting. Instead your Board of Trustees has discussed and agreed that a remote Zoom-format meeting will allow us to meet criteria for passage of business issues as well as celebrate and honor the people and activities in the past year that have made this our beloved community. Details below. 

VOTE! On Sunday, June 6 (or by June 12), please cast your DuPage UU Church 2021 Annual Meeting Ballot

Below you'll find:

  • Annual Meeting date and time
  • Zoom meeting link
  • Zoom assistance
  • Annual Meeting Agenda link
  • Participation and VOTING details
  • 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • 2021 Budget for your review
  • Policy-based Governance trial information and Q&A
  • Motions presented for Budget and Policy-based Governance
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry summary and certification information
  • 2021 Elected position nominees and bios
  • Affirmation of Search committee extension


Annual meeting date/time: June 6, 11:30 am (Join at 11:15 to review details of participation and voting). The Annual Meeting will follow a slightly abbreviated Sunday service at its usual time. Please join us for both!

Zoom link for Annual Meeting:

Time: June 6, 2021 11:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada)


Or Dial  +1 312 626 6799

Meeting ID: 861 1759 0411

Passcode: 820738


Day-of Annual Meeting Zoom and general participation Help: Please call Linda Zetterberg at 630-301-2435.

Annual Meeting Agenda: In addition to the important Business portion of the Annual Meeting, there is the equally important recognition of the activities, successes, and preparation for the future of this beloved community. Find the details in the meeting Agenda!

Participation, Quorum and VOTING details: There will be opportunity on Zoom for church leadership to count and identify eligible member participants in order to establish a quorum.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Chat feature on Zoom. You will be asked to note your presence by typing your name in the Chat box.
  • Questions during the meeting will be monitored on Chat. While it will be difficult to have discussion, we will make every attempt to answer questions or provide clarification.
  • Instructions also will be available at the meeting on June 6.
  • Voting-for-the-record will take place electronically and by mail. Votes must be received by June 12. Members who normally receive church communication by mail have been sent details and a ballot by mail. All others are encouraged to vote online at a time after the Business portion of the meeting (link to the online ballot: DuPage UU Church 2021 Annual Meeting Ballot). The ballot URL also will be shown in Chat and on-screen during the meeting).
  • A final count for budget and slate passage will be communicated on June 12, ensuring all votes are accounted for. 


You will be presented with Yes, No, Abstain voting options for these topics:

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes: Please review the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes for your approval.

The 2021-22 Budget. For your review, there were two information-and-discussion budget forums for questions and discussion of the proposed budget: Sunday, May 23 at 9:30 am and Thursday, May 27 at 7:00 pm. Review the budget prior to the Annual Meeting at dupageuuchurch.org/2021Budget. Please note: Questions and requests for clarification can be posted in Chat during the Annual Meeting on June 6. There will be no discussion of the budget at the Annual Meeting. There will be opportunity to vote for or against the budget via the voting mechanisms noted above. In addition, you will be asked to approve a $100,000 pay down of the $1,226,440.08 remaining mortgage balance (as of the end of April) and you will be asked to approve payment of the refinance fees (approx. $12,750) from the Contingency Fund. View the Budget motions. Questions? Lyndi Sprietsma, Treasurer 331-625-5525; Linda Zetterberg, Controller 630-301-2435. 


Policy-based Governance trial year for proposed Bylaws. As we move toward a more efficient and accountable governance structure, you will be asked at the June 6 Annual Meeting to help us get there with a vote to approve a trial year of review, discussion, and adapting as needed for the proposed Bylaws.

Please review the PBG Summary that links to Q&A, proposed Bylaws and Policy as well as the Organization Chart for our revised operational structure. View the Policy-based Governance motion.  

At two Governance forums (Sunday, May 30 and Wednesday, June 2), we shared background and revisions in proposed Bylaws and explained how use of Policy documents will aid the work of this beloved community for all of us. "Doing the work we love, better!" If you were unable to attend, you can view the June 2 Governance forum on YouTube.

Questions: Please contact governance@dupageuuchurch.org.


Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry commitment. For your review: The UUA Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM) credentialing program is a Congregational program focused on welcoming, embracing, integrating and supporting people with visible and invisible disabilities and their families in our congregations. The AIM Task Force has completed two of three phases required for certification. Phase Three is underway, an element of which includes request for Congregational approval (at the June 6 Annual Meeting) to continue its commitment to accessibility and inclusion for all in our church community. Please read a summary of the work AIM has accomplished.


Slates of Candidates for Approval by the Congregation: June 2021-2022 Elected Positions

June 2021-2022 Elected Positions

Presented by the Nominating Committee: John Brubaker, Deb Connet, Kelly Huggins, Jane Quamme, Kristen Tang, and Jill Wallace

Trustee at Large, Kelley Trombly-Freytag

Kelley has been coming to DUUC since 1992, and both of her children were raised at DUUC. She served on the Board (2013-2016) as Trustee of Spirituality, as well as being a longstanding member (and past chair) of both the Sunday Services and Congregational Life committees. In 2019, she served on the Interim Search committee. Other committees served on include the Intern Minister committee for Intern Minister Gemma Guenther, Music, Events and several others. She is the long-time coordinator of the setup portion of DUUC’s monthly PADS commitment, co-coordinates the Solstice Service, and is a long-time DUUC choir member. Professionally, Kelley is a software engineer, and has worked at Fermilab for 30 years; she is a science fiction nerd, loves to read, and has been a member of the Naperville Chorus for 35 years.

Board Member and Trustee at Large: The Trustee at Large serves as a voting member on the Board of Trustees. As the Board continues its Policy-based Governance journey, the Trustee at Large position replaces the program-focused pillar Trustee position. The Trustee at Large will assist in the transition to the Board's increased strategic and goal-oriented planning based on our mission, as derived from conversations with Staff, Lay leaders, and the Congregation. The Trustee will take part in Church policy writing and review, delegation of program management to the Minster and Staff, and assessment and evaluation of goals set at the Board's annual planning retreat. The term is three years.

Clerk, Katie Hay

Katie first discovered DUUC in 2009 and was thrilled to be able return in 2018 after caring for her ailing partner. She became a member in 2019 and has served as Auction Committee co-chair, taught Youth RE, and lent her time and energies to PADS, building maintenance team, offering team, coffee hour help, and Welcoming Congregation Renewal. Katie is retired and has two grown children. She enjoys tennis and travel (really), hiking, biking, reading, puzzles and finding any excuse to be outdoors.

Board Member and Clerk: The Clerk is an elected officer and serves as a voting member on the Board of Trustees. The Clerk serves as secretary of the Congregation, and of the Board of Trustees, and keeps minutes of the business meetings of each. The term is three years.

Controller, Lyndi Sprietsma

Lyndi first came to DuPage UU Church as a child in 1956 and joined in 1991. She most recently served as Treasurer from June, 2019 through May, 2021. She has served on the Auction Committee from 2014 through the present. She has also served on the Endowment and Congregational Life Committees. She has made part of the meal and served dinner at PADS. Over the years, she organized Circle Suppers and Saturnalia and chaired the Fellowship Committee. She was Spirituality Pillar. She worked with the high school youth group, taught RE classes, and co-chaired the RE committee. She was Finance Officer. She edited the UU singles newsletter. Professionally, Lyndi retired in 2006 from the Northern Trust Bank in the Information Technology area where she worked as programmer, analyst, and manager during her 28 years there.

Board Member and Controller: The Controller is an elected officer and serves as a voting member on the Board of Trustees. The Controller is one of a team of two Financial Officers, serving two years as Controller and then two years as Treasurer. 

Member of Community Outreach, Pat Kocher-Cowan

Pat has been a member of DUUC for ten years and has been attending even longer. She and her husband Doug live in Lisle. Her two children participated in the RE program and she has taught RE and been a mentor for the Coming of Age program. Pat is currently serving on the Adult RE committee and is a member of the Social Justice committee. Pat has been involved with the SMILE summer intern project, and continues involvement with PTMAN (Proviso Township Ministerial Alliance) working for racial equity and justice. Pat worked in nursing and is currently part of the team helping her 101 year-old dad remain at home on his farm.

Committee Member: The Community Outreach Committee oversees the selection of actions and efforts that exercise the moral authority of the Church and demonstrate our values to the external community. The term is one year.

Member of Nominating Committee, Mara Southorn

Mara is a lifelong UU, thanks to her parents (Karen Hutt and Steve Tiwald). She began attending DUUC in 1987 when the family moved to Naperville. She participated in religious education for the next seven years and completed the Affirmation program in 1994. After some years away in New York and Colorado, Mara returned to Naperville for a job as a middle school reading specialist, where she still works 17 years later. She and her husband, Richard, were married in a Unitarian ceremony in 2010, and became official DUUC members soon afterward. Their two children were dedicated at DUUC in the fall of 2019. When church is in-person, Mara is also a member of the Media Services Team.

Committee Member: The Nominating Committee evaluates Church members leadership abilities for the elected Church officers and elected committee positions. The term is three years.

Member of Nominating Committee, Chris Wallbruch

Chris has been a member of DUUC for almost 10 years. During that time, she has been very active with the DUUCKIES and has led and participated in several rituals. She has performed at a number of church services including Winter Solstice and the SMILE concert. She has taught RE and spent some time on the RE committee. She also has held the bUUnco party for a church auction item for several years. Outside of church, Chris has taught middle school band for over 20 years and spends her free time involved in Tiny Horse Drama.

Committee Member: The Nominating Committee evaluates Church members leadership abilities for the elected Church officers and elected committee positions. The term is three years.

Member of Endowment Committee, Russ Manthy

Russ joined DUUC with his wife, Carol, in 2012. He has volunteered in many capacities at the church, most recently on the Endowment Committee. Now retired, he is the youngest son of a rags-to-riches entrepreneur and spent his entire career in the business world. He ran his own consultancy for seven years. He serves on the Board of Directors of his condominium association. Completing his MBA mid-career gave him an appreciation for financial, tactical, and legal issues underlying sound management decisions. He finds fiduciary responsibility on his association’s Board and on DUUC’s Endowment Committee an enjoyable challenge. It suits his pragmatic, down-to-business mindset, and serves as a way to be most helpful to people he cares about.

Committee Member: The Endowment Committee manages our Endowment Fund. The Committee receives and administers gifts not intended for the annual operating budget of the Church. The Committee also allocates grant money for specific internal church projects and activities. The term is three years.

Cast your vote: DuPage UU Church 2021 Annual Meeting Ballot


Ministerial Search Committee - Reaffirmation to continue Ministerial Search in 2021-22

Presented by the Board of Trustees

Jane Gano
I have been a Unitarian Universalist for 47 years and a member of DUUC for the past 43 years. When I joined DUUC we had 80 church members at the time. During my time at DUUC I have been involved in teaching RE Classes, Co-Director of the RE Program, and a member of UUWA as well as past president. I co-taught the About Your Sexuality RE Class for both our sons and committed to the group until their graduation from high school. I have served on the Religious Education, Hospitality and Facilities Enhancement Committees. I volunteer regularly to facilitate with Coffee Hour and annual dinners for the church. I also have co-chaired the Service Auction for several years. As a member of the chalice circle, DUUGooders, I have been involved in many church and community volunteer efforts for the past 19 years. With my husband, Joe, we have expanded our knowledge by extensive travel, learning from many cultures. Joe and I just celebrated our 50 th Wedding Anniversary.

Kat Gelder
Kat Gelder is the current head of the Sunday Services Committee. She married into DuPage UU Church in 2008 and has been an enthusiastic UU ever since, volunteering for several years as an RE teacher, Auction co-chair, and choir member. From 2013 to 2016, she served on the Board of Trustees, first as Trustee of Spirituality, then as Trustee of Stewardship when that position was created in 2014. She led the Annual Budget Drive Committee in 2016 and 2017 and has been chair of the Sunday Services Committee since 2016. Kat enjoys creating Sunday services and practically any other activity focused on making meaning out of our philosophies and life experiences. Her hobbies include reading about anti-racism, knitting a sweater for her husband, Chris (which will be finished Someday), sewing with her mother, Diane, teaching her son Gil about trucks and overthrowing the cis-hetero-patriarchy, and weeding with her father Roy.

Dave Gorman
Dave has been an active member of DUUC since 2001, serving as a teacher and mentor in the RE programs, on the Construction Task Force, and on the Committee on Ministries. He also holds numerous leadership positions outside of DUUC including for Working Bikes, Bikes for Lesotho, the DuPage River Salt Creek Workgroup, the Kiwanis Club of Lombard and a municipal storm water committee. He feels bolstered by each week's forum or Science Sunday, in addition to the church service. He and Jill Wallace have raised their two daughters, Carrie and Adele, at DUUC. He wants to ensure that DUUC will continue to serve families seeking a supportive community rooted in freethinking, humanistic optimism for generations to come.

Bob Harris
During my career, I worked as a librarian for 45 years, from 1970 to 2014, at which time I retired. I always worked in public libraries, starting as a librarian at the Chicago Public Library for nine years, and the spent the next 35 years as a library director; first at the Bartlett Library, then at the Bellwood Library, and finally for 25 years at the Lombard Library. I have strong experience in leading and managing public libraries, including personnel and legal issues. I have worked with Boards, committees, and consultants, and have a strong working knowledge of personnel laws and practices, including interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, and evaluation. I joined DUUC in February, 2017, after searching for a spiritual home that was progressive and non-dogmatic. I have had a leadership role with the Elder Circle, the Congregational Life Committee, and the Mindful Monday Covenant Group. To learn more, I have attended each fall retreat since 2016, done reading on Uuism, and attended the 2019 General Assembly. I have also volunteered in other ways, such as working with PADS, being a greeter, and organizing several Face to Face events. I regularly attend the men's group and help with their activities. I love DUUC and our members, and love that I have found my spiritual home. Besides my career, I was married for 29 years and have three children and five grandchildren. I was born and raised in Detroit, but moved to the Chicago area in 1970. Divorced at age 50, I came out as gay, and have been with my partner, Jeff Dengler, for 20 years. We live in Bloomingdale. My interests including reading mysteries, learning what life was like around 1900, ragtime music, and pre-1970 musical comedy.

Karen Hutt
Karen Hutt has been a member of DUUC for 33 years. Her past church activities include teaching in the RE program, chair of the Personnel Committee, canvasser for annual pledge drives and the capital campaign, member and chair of the Nominating Committee, coordinator of memorial services, Auction co-chair in 1993, 2008, and 2009 and co-chair of the Facilities Enhancement Committee. She has been a member of the Coordinating Council and the Board of Trustees multiple times. She served as treasurer from 2010-2015. She is currently a member of the Transition Team and is Chair of the Finance Committee. She is a member of DUU-Gooders and a chalice circle.

Doug Kocher-Cowan
Doug started attending DUUC with his wife Pat in 2008 and joined the church in 2010. He has participated in many activities to promote the mission and values of this church They include social justice, Smile project, PADS, church Auction, the Personnel committee, spring cleaning and most importantly making coffee. Doug and his wife have been married for 27 years. He is retired from the US Navy Reserve and currently works for Honeywell as one of their Directors of technology.

Sarah Lensink
Sarah Lensink has been a member of DUUC since 2011. In that time she has run affinity groups, served on the Nominating Committee, the Annual Budget Drive Committee, as a Coming of Age Mentor and volunteered for the annual art show. Sarah has participated in UU work outside the church as well; she has assisted with Midwest UU Summer Assembly (MUUSA) planning and attended the family camp assembly for many years. She looks forward to serving on the Ministerial Search Committee.

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