You will find a variety of groups at DuPage UU Church. Some are standing church committees created to carry out our mission and vision; others are task forces that study a particular issue for a limited time; and many are affinity groups formed around  members' interests and hobbies.

See our Contacts page for leaders' names and contact information for all our committees and groups.

Our Committees and Groups page includes a link that describes all the committees and groups that are active at our church.

AFFINITY GROUPS range from our FIRE Middle School Group to the Spirit of Life After 60, the Genealogy Research Group to Crafting & Conversation. You'll also find our LGBTQ-Welcoming Congregation group, a support group for parents of special needs children, a Monday night meditation group, our Men's Growth Group, and a number of other groups that will welcome your participation.

Many newcomers initially choose to join a group that works on community service or social action/social justice activities. Learn more about environmental efforts by our Green Sanctuary Committee, or our work with homeless programs such as Bridge Communities and PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), or our Reproductive Justice group.

Most of our committees are organized around four areas:

  • SPIRITUALITY is where you'll find the Sunday Services, Music, Youth Religious Education, Adult Enrichment, and Library/Bookstore committees.

  • COMMUNITY includes Visitor Relations, Member Relations, Fellowship, and Chalice Circles.

  • OUTREACH  encompasses PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), Bridge Communities, Green Sanctuary, Reproductive Justice, and the LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation Group.

  • ADMINISTRATION provides support activities such as Fundraising, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Audio/Visual, and Investment.

Whatever your interests are, we'll help you find a group where you can connect with other members and participants from our church. You may contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , to learn more about any of our groups and activities, or feel free to contact the group leader directly.