Everyone is welcome to attend our church and participate fully in the many activities that are found here. After attending services and church events for a while, you may make the decision to become a voting member. Membership in our church requires a commitment on your part and there are expectations that members have of other members. However, the steps to become a member of the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church are fairly simple: 

1. Complete the classes "Exploring Unitarian Universalism" and "Meaning of Membership."
2. Sign the membership book.
3. Pledge financial support.
4. Become involved in church activities in ways that fulfill your needs and contribute to the health of the congregation.
5. Maintain your membership.

Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about becoming a member or becoming involved in one of our committees or groups.

There are 5 steps to become a member and maintain membership at DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church:

1.  Complete the classes Exploring Unitarian Universalism and Meaning of Membership.

See the Adult Enrichment page for dates of the next Exploring Unitarian Universalism series.

  • Exploring Unitarian Universalism History: Learn about the history of the separate Unitarian and Universalist movements, from their early Christian origins through today. How did these individual religions develop, change, and eventually merge? Learn the answers to common questions:  What do we “worship” on Sundays and what are the elements of a worship service?  How do we express our UU values?  Why do we have Statements of Conscience?   Open to all visitors and members.

  • Exploring Unitarian Universalist Beliefs and Values: We will explore our religious pasts and think about our expectations from this church.  We will discuss the variety of philosophies and theologies that co-exist at DuPage UU Church, examine our Sources and Principles, and talk about our values.

  • The Meaning of Membership Class:This class is for those who are contemplating membership at DuPage UU Church or have already made the decision to become a member.  You will learn about the organization of the church and the responsibilities and expectations of being a member.  We will also discuss ways to become involved with others at the church - both socially and through volunteering.

2.  Sign the Membership Book.

At the conclusion of the Meaning of Membership class, you will have an opportunity to sign the membership book, if you wish. Or, you may make an appointment with the Minister, Rev. Tom Capo. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to sign the membership book.

Recognition of New Members. Within about six months of joining, you will be asked to take part in a short ceremony during one of the Sunday services.  We will ask you and other new members to come forward to be acknowledged by the congregation. Participation in this service is not a requirement for membership, but we enjoy having the opportunity to officially  welcome our new fellow members.

3.  Pledge Financial Support.

A pledge is a member's promise of financial support to this religious community.  Our members’ pledges allow us to estimate income so we can prepare a budget to operate the church.

Becoming a member of this church and making a pledge of support is saying "I am more than a guest.  I am vested in the future of this church."   A pledge card will be included with other new member information you will receive when you sign the membership book.   The Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide from the UUA is helpful in determining the amount to pledge.  If you wish, you may discuss the process in depth with the Minister, the Membership Director, the Office Manager, the Treasurer, or the Annual Budget Drive chair.  Call the church office during regular office hours and ask for contact information for the person with whom you wish to speak.

The church’s fiscal year begins on June 1st.  Your first pledge will be made for the remaining months of the current church year.  After that, you will be asked to make an annual pledge during the Annual Budget Drive, usually held during the early spring.  At this time, all members are asked to renew their pledges of financial support.

4.  Involvement
  • Committees and Groups. Being a part of our church community provides an opportunity to explore and share your personal gifts.  There are many people who can help you find activities that fit your interests and meet your needs.  If you’re not sure how to join a group or you’d like to meet a particular member of the church, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Learning About You. Shortly after joining, you will have an opportunity to meet with our Membership Director or a church representative. We will ask you about any skills and interests you wish to share with the church.  We will also interview you to learn a bit about your life’s journey.  Then we will print a welcoming announcement in the newsletter that includes some of the things we’ve learned about you from that interview.
  • Other Involvement. Regular attendance at Sunday service is one of the best ways to learn what’s going on and become familiar with the many people that make up our congregation.  Participating in an Adult Enrichment class or joining a Chalice Circle are two ways to explore spiritual matters and begin building relationships with others at the church.   The Goods and Services Auction and Circle Suppers are some of the social opportunities you’ll find at DuPage UU Church.

5.  Maintaining Your Membership.

You will maintain your membership by keeping the office informed of your current address, continuing your pledge contributions, and renewing your pledge annually.   If you decide to discontinue your membership, we ask that you contact the church office to formally resign.  Should you fail to make a contribution of record during the fiscal year, or fail to make an annual pledge, your membership will cease.

What Membership Means

To become a member of this church is to articulate a commitment to the Unitarian Universalist tradition, to offer your support to the activities of the church, and to become entitled to certain privileges.

Commitment.  No one will tell you what you must believe as a Unitarian Universalist.  When joining this church you take responsibility for developing your own  religious affirmations.  Our tradition emphasizes reason, respect for others, freedom of inquiry, and service to the world.  While our ideas and interpretations often differ, we expect these basic values in our relations with one another.

Support.  Our church exists only through the support of its members.  We ask members to consider a goal of five percent of income as a guideline for the pledge. We will ask you to evaluate how much you want and can afford to give the church financially, and to make a pledge for that amount so we can budget effectively.  We also ask for your support in another important way.  The running of the church and its many activities are accomplished primarily through the volunteer efforts of its members.  You are encouraged to participate at the level that feels most comfortable for you.  And of course we will hope to see you often on Sunday morning.

Privileges.  As a member, you will be entitled to have input into the church decision-making process.  Forty-five days after you join, you are eligible to vote at the annual meeting for election of officers and approval of budget recommendations, and at any other duly called congregational meetings.  You will be eligible to serve as an officer of the church.  You will receive the church newsletter, the denominational journal, UU World, a church directory, and other publications.  The services of the minister for counseling, weddings, funerals, or other rites of passage, will be available without further charge.