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Reproductive Justice Work at the UUA

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on two Affordable Care Act cases regarding contraceptive coverage.  One, Sebelius vs Hobby Lobby, asks the Supreme Court to determine if for-profit corporations can deny no-cost contraceptive coverage for employees, based on the employers' religious beliefs. The Unitarian Universalist Assosiation, along with other religious groups, has provided an amicus brief, supporting the Affordable Care Act provision, to the court.

To help preserve the ruling in Roe v. Wade, and to honor its 41st Anniversary, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is preparing sample letters we can send to the editors of our local newspapers. The letter will also contain a strong recommendation to change the Hyde Amendment, which prevents any Federal dollars being spent for a woman who needs an abortion, even if they are too poor to raise a family. Our Committee on Reproductive Justice will make the letters available as soon as they can be accessed.


Join Our Team.
Both Newcomers and Longtime UUs are Welcome.

We are rebuilding our Denomination Affairs Committee. Our chair, Neil Lichtman, has recruited a few new members. However, with the new plan, the more members we have, the easier and more fun the work. Our goal is to match your personal passion to the work.
Our overall goals are to (1) return our church to Fair Share, (2) widen and deepen our members' feelings about UUism, and (3) help overall membership retention. Net, the more we know about what the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) does that interests you and the congregation, the better we'll do. So, we want to create a group of "reporters" who stay in touch with the UUA website, the UUA World, and other UUA and MidAmerica Region publications, to ferret out information about what our denomination is doing in your area of passion. Then, we'd have you very briefly report your findings in 4 or 5 sentences for publication in our Newsletters, Orders-of-Service, and website. We hope to achieve a steady stream of short, snappy relevant report-outs over time. We will as a team agree to how often we meet together and how much of our discovery can be shared online and then submitted to our Office. Our expectation however is that we may need to meet only two or three times a year to discuss how this is working nd how to improve it.
If you'd like to connect your passions to what the UUA is doing, send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Neil at 630-913-0685630-913-0685, or talk to him on a Sunday during coffee hour. (If you don't know Neil, ask one of the Greeters to help you find him.)