Upcoming Sunday Services

On Broken Bodies: Mother Theresa and Frida Kahlo

Sunday, April 28, 2019 @ 9:30am & 11:15am

By Reverend Dr. Myriam Renaud

In honor of Orthodox Easter, the Rev. Dr. Myriam Renaud, DuPage UU's Community Minister, will take up themes related to broken bodies. She will explore the importance of the broken body of Christ to the work of Mother Theresa, and the self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, an artist who intertwined her own broken body with symbols and icons from diverse belief systems, including Catholicism. If you are triggered by Christian themes and iconography or by images of pain and suffering, you may wish to skip this service.

9:30am in the Learning Center. The Great Art Day Event . Our theme for May is curiosity.  Show yours at the Art Day Sunday Forum.  Come as a family or as an individual artist.  You’ll be able to explore a range of art media you have been curious about or hone a skill.

Religious Education:
Religious Education classes meet at 9:30am & 11:15am.