School-age youth

Director of Religious Education sharing a story during the service

Each Sunday begins with all school age youth attending the worship service with their parents. We feel that it is important for our families to have a chance to experience church together before before the youth go off to class. Once a month we have a multi-generational service in which the youth stay for the whole service. These services are meant to inspire all ages. On other Sundays, the youth will leave for class with their teachers after a story or lesson for all ages. The message of the story or lesson will continue into the classroom for further discussion and activities.


September through May

Pre-School and Kindergarten Spirit Play

Spirit Play is a Montessori-based program that teaches children about Unitarian Universalist principles, history, and liturgy through storytelling and play. The Spirit Play classroom is a special, child centered place to be together to discover the spirit of love and mystery that some people call God.

Children discover their own answers to the existential questions: Where did we come from? What are we doing here? How do we choose to live our lives? What happens when we die? Core stories of our faith are presented with special props.

Following the stories, children are guided toward making meaning through wondering and art. A spiritual community that supports multiple learning styles is created.

1st - 3rd grade & 4th - 6th grade Young Group Ministry

Each month the church has a theme and each week the worship service and the religious education lessons will follow a topic for that theme. The discussions and activities during this time will reflect the message shared with the adults in the service. With the lessons being created each week, we are able to match the learning styles of the children to the activities prepared for each class. 

7th & 8th grade Crossing Paths (formally known as Neighboring Faiths)

Crossing Paths takes the approach of religious pluralism. Instead of claiming that one religion is better than others or that all religions are really the same, this view understands religions as separate systems of belief dealing with distinct human challenges. Rather than seeing all religions as different paths leading to the same mountaintop, this view sees each religion as its own beautiful mountain. Crossing Paths is about exploring a new “mountain” each month, thus our tagline “Many Mountains; Many Paths.” 

Each month the class will explore a new religion and end the month with a visit to a place of worship for that religion. 

9th - 12th grade High School Youth Group

Each week the group has a chance to check in and then reflect on a question related to the theme of the month. Theme based activities, discussions and games complete their time together during class. Outside of class they have over night lock-ins, gatherings with other UU church youth groups and fun social activities.


An important program offered for our children, in age-appropriate curricula during elementary, middle school and high school, is the UUA's Our Whole Lives (OWL) lifespan learning classes - a comprehensive view of sexuality, healthy relationships and respect for yourself and others. The program provides guidance for parents to have meaningful conversations with their children as well. In March 2019, two of our OWL teachers participated in the local Not Your Nuclear Family podcast: Let's Talk About Sex and Other Stuff With Our Kids.

You may contact our Director of Religious Education, Steve Cooper, to learn more about any of our youth programs or how to register your child.