The mission of our church is carried out primarily by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering and you know where you'd like to put your efforts, please feel free to contact the group or committee chair directly. 

If you are not sure where you want to volunteer or want to know about church programs that are most in need of extra help, please feel free to email our Minister, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Outstanding Volunteers and Unsung UU

Curt Johnson and Steve CooperOur members recognize when others go above and beyond our expectations and sometimes they wish to acknowledge those outstanding contributions of time and talent. For many years, we participated in the Central Midwest District Unsung UU program. When that program ended, our Member Relations Committee implemented the Outstanding Volunteer Recognition.

Each year, usually in January or February, members are invited to nominate a church member, pair of members, or a group (not currently holding an elected position) for recognition by the congregation. Staff members may be nominated for volunteer work outside of their paid duties.

The following members have been recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer or an Unsung UU:

2015 Outstanding Volunteers

  • Robin Sprietsma
  • Phil Berry
  • Elsie Mills

2014 Outstanding Volunteers

  • Margaret Plett
  • George Peck
  • Pat Clancy
  • DUU-Gooders Group

2013 Outstanding Volunteers

  • Caroline Bailey
  • Steve Cooper
  • Zac Cooper
  • Kat Gelder
  • Mary Germany Hamill
  • Stephanie  Downs Hughes
  • Tim Krauskopf
  • Ruth Schoenfeld

2012 Outstanding Volunteers

  • Tom Groves
  • Jean McCollum
  • Peter Shulman
  • Allan Morgan

2011 Outstanding Volunteers

  • Kelley Trombly-Freytag
  • Karen Campbell

Unsung UU

2008    Bill Dawe
2007    Cindy Wunderlich
2006    Jessie Kappel, Unsung UU Youth
2006    Margaret & Ed Clark
2005    Elliot Politser
2004    Bill LaFountain
2003    Curt Johnson
2002    Donna Wright
2001    Bettye & Robert Brubaker
2000    Carolyn Drake
1999    Robin Sprietsma
1998    Dianne Werdegar
1997    Nancy Wheatley
1996    Leslie Arno
1995    Randy Nott
1994    Joe Gano
1993    Jean McCollum
1992    Mary & Robert MacGregor
1991     Lois Schnizlein
1987     Jack Heckelman
1984    Donald Lathrope