Fundraising activities for our church are governed by the Fundraising Policy approved by our Board of Trustees. Our main fundraising activities are the Annual Budget Drive and the annual Goods and Services Auction. We also have an Endowment Fund.

Annual Budget Drive

The Annual Budget Drive Committee organizes a program to communicate with members regarding responsible pledging toward the annual operating budget of the church. The name and contact information of the Treasurer and the Annual Budget Drive chair may be found in the front of the Congregational Directory or the Committee Contacts page.

The Goods and Services Auction

The Goods and Services Auction Committee is responsible for planning, production and follow up for the church’s largest (non-pledging) annual fundraiser. The Auction takes place the first Saturday in November. Funds raised at the Auction are a critical piece of the Operating Budget for the church. On the lighter side, the Auction is a fun, social event, a time to spend the evening with friends and enjoy entertainment and fellowship. Many church members fill their yearly social calendar with parties purchased on the night of the Auction. Events offered for auction foster fellowship and service to one another throughout the year. Whether you are a long-time member, or relatively new to the church, the Auction is a great way to meet new friends and families. If you have skills in solicitation, marketing, public relations, decorating, catering, or just want to jump in and lend a hand, contact the Goods and Services Auction Committee.