Committees and Groups

Committees are the backbone of our church. They are staffed mostly by volunteers and ensure that we have thriving programs for our members. Our committees carry out the goals and mission of the church and also help transmit our values into the wider community. 

Contact information for our groups and committees.

One way to think about our committees is by their primary purpose: Spirituality, Community, Outreach, or Administration. Another way to think about our committees is based around when they do their work or the people they serve.

You can read about our committees and groups (pdf file), organized by:

  • Parents - Youth - Children
  • Sunday Morning Activities
  • Spirituality- Personal Enrichment - Education
  • Helping Others - Improving Our World
  • Building Connections - Discussion Groups - Affinity Groups
  • Making the Church Work


Meeting in Nursery

Ice Cream Money Talks

is enhanced by committees such as Sunday Services, Music, Youth Religious Education, Adult Enrichment, and the Library/Bookstore.

COMMUNITY is fostered by the Visitor and Member Relations Committees, Fellowship, Chalice Circles, the LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation Group, the UU Women's Association, and TLC (helping members and friends with meals and rides when illness or other difficulties occur.)

OUTREACH  is carried out by providing help to those who want it and improving our world in big and small ways. PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), Bridge Communities, Green Sanctuary, Reproductive Justice, and the LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation Group are some of the ways we have a positive impact on the lives of others and change the world in ways that reflect our values.

ADMINISTRATION includes the support activities needed by all organizations, such as Fundraising, Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Audio/Visual, and Investment.

LEADERSHIP positions such as the Board of Trustees, the Personnel Coordinator, Committee on Ministries, Nominating/Leadership Development, Endowment, and Pastoral Ministry Associates, are filled by members who are either elected or appointed.

HIRED Staff and Contractors fill the following positions: Minister, Office Manager, Director of Religious Education, Membership Director, Music Director, Choir Director, Youth RE Assistant, Bookkeeper, and Sunday Nursery Care.

CONTACT information for all elected and appointment positions and staff, committees, and groups can be found in on our Contacts page and in the front of the Congregational Directory. A new Congregational Directory is printed and distributed every year in October. Quarterly updates are made to the online directory, which may be accessed by logging in under the Member Access tab.