Committee on Ministries

Committee Mission

The Mission of the Committee on Ministries is to monitor the heartbeat of the Congregation, to assist in maintaining Right Relations, and to advise the Board and Staff on matters concerning DUUC’s effectiveness in meeting its mission and vision.  

COM’s Work requires attentive listening, observation, probing, confidential dialog, caring intervention, and supportive intent. All Members of COM are available for confidential discussion.  COM exists independently of the minister and Board, but provides frequent feedback to the minister, quarterly reports to the Board, and an annual report to the Congregation.

COM’s Means include the use of interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Any member of COM is available for confidential discussion of issues that affect you and your relationship with the church, its programs, the Minister, or the congregation. We can help start conversations, answer questions, locate resources, or communicate ideas. Send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to all committee members, or find the current committee liaison on our Committee Contacts page.

Committee Members and Terms

The Committee on Ministry consists of five members. Three members are elected by the congregation, one member is appointed by the minister, and one member is appointed by the board. Committee members serve a term of three years.